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MedMatch Network

Patient Referral Management and Information Exchange


Our Mission

Facilitate patient referral management and information exchange so that all patients across the country receive seamless continuity of care.


Our Vision​

MedMatch envisions a world in which medical practitioners and patients communicate and exchange health information easily and securely to improve the delivery of healthcare.


The MedMatch Network Story​

Designed by doctors for doctors

I know firsthand how frustrating the current referral patient system is for everyone involved. When a loved one of mine waited months for a Specialist appointment, only to be rescheduled at the last minute and ultimately canceled due an insurance change, it was emotional, to say the least. So much frustration could have been avoided with simple, upstream solutions.

As a physician and neurosurgeon, I have been on the other side of the equation and have seen countless patients whose lives have been put on hold while they are bound by the current medical referral system. Surgeries have been delayed, and patients have been kept in metaphorical waiting rooms for extended periods of time, all while their health deteriorate.

I knew there had to be a better way to operate––so I created it myself.

MedMatch Network is a labor of love, born out of the desire to make sure that every patient receives the care they deserve by setting doctors’ offices up for success.

You can trust MedMatch Network, knowing that every part of the process has been carefully curated by one of your own.

medmatch team
Amos Dare MD, FACS

Founder, MedMatch Network
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MedMatch Network vs. eFax​

With MedMatch Network, you can rest easy knowing that the software allows you to:


EHR eFax

Make referrals


Make electronic referrals


Pre-qualify in-network patient insurance


Track any referrals


Make patient-centric communications


Perform patient data exchange via EHR interoperability


Be secure & compliant with Cures Act


MedMatch Network works, you rest

With eFax, it takes an average of four full-time employees to manage one patient referral––draining resources from already overworked medical offices.
Meanwhile, up to 50% of Primary Care Physicians do not know if their patients have even seen the Specialist that they were referred to.
For an industry made up of people who want to save lives, too many patients are falling through the cracks.


How MedMatch Network Works

… in seven easy steps.


MedMatch Network vs EHR-eFax

If Dr. Quinn’s team relied on EHR eFax, the likelihood of Dan’s referral getting lost in the shuffle was 50%. Thanks to MedMatch Network, Dan was able to get the care needed to manage lingering pain before it became more serious.

The referral network manage by medmatch

About MedMatch Network

MedMatch Network is a cloud-based network of more than 1.7 million searchable medical provider profiles facilitating patient referral management and secure information exchange. The MedMatch Network is the enhanced referral management plug-in for existing electronic health records (EHR) systems.
Patient and peer-to-peer feedback improves practice performance and eliminates patient frustration and delay in the referral and treatment process.

This is the future of healthcare

Say goodbye to the days of endlessly scanning, uploading, and playing phone tag––all in the name of manually tracking patient referrals. MedMatch Network has created the first fully electronic medical referral software, so you can ditch your inefficient EHR eFax system.

MedMatch doctor referral platform

MedMatch Network is a doctor referral platform where you can

  • Generate electronic patient referral to Specialists and Ancillary Services
  • Pre-qualify in/out of network patient insurance
  • Track status updates on referrals
  • Message providers
  • Auto-remind patients about appointments through text and email
  • Review peer assessments and professional scores of GPs, PCPs, and Specialists
  • Establish and maintain a network of trusted providers
  • Exchange or transfer patient medical records securely
  • Connect multiple office calendars to schedule patients
  • Backup files to the cloud
  • Integrate with existing electronic health records (EHR)
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Easily Track Referrals: Access
Consultation Reports in One Place

The only medical referral software to convene a network of medical providers and professionals. Whether you are a General Practitioner, Primary Care Physician, Specialist, or Medical Office Manager, MedMatch Network makes the Specialist referral process easy so that you can help more patients, recoup lost revenue, and regain your time.


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