MedMatch Network vs. eFax

With MedMatch Network, you can rest easy knowing that the software allows you to:


EHR eFax

Make referrals

Make electronic referrals

Pre-qualify in-network patient insurance

Track any referrals

Make patient-centric communications

Perform patient data exchange via EHR interoperability

Be secure & compliant with Cures Act

MedMatch Automates the Referral Process

Automate Referral Process

Increased Patient Satisfaction

Each referred physician or ancillary medical service provider is peer-rated by the referring physician upon the receipt of the patient notes/results and the patient survey.

Better Communications and Follow-Up

We help automate the referral process and match patient referrals with prequalified physicians and ancillary medical service providers.

MedMatch Network Benefits

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MedMatch Network

Patient Referral Management and Information Exchange

How MedMatch Network Works

… in six easy steps.

  • icon-visit
    The patient visits their primary care physician for an evaluation
  • MedMatch sends appointment reminders to the patient
  • The PCP makes a referral to a specialist using MedMatch
  • MedMatch verifies that the specialist accepts the patient's insurance and schedules the appointment
  • The PCP uploads patient records via our HIPAA compliant platform
  • The specialist sees the patient and sends their consultation notes to the PCP

MedMatch is designed to keep you informed every step of the way by sending follow-up notifications

MedMatch - Your Referral Management Partner

MedMatch Network is the enhanced referral management partner for your practice.

It’s an efficient and reliable patient referral management solution. It even allows you and your patient to rate the consultation experience. This essential feedback improves practice performance and eliminates patient frustration in the referral and treatment process.

The MedMatch Network is a community of highly qualified medical professionals available to you anytime, anywhere.

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MedMatch Network Charter Member Program

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MedMatch Optimizes Your Time & Resources

MedMatch uses artificial intelligence to ensure referral efficiency, organized referral management, improved patient care, and a better overall experience.

Physicians and their assigned MedMatch administrators have access to actionable data insight right from the MedMatch dashboard. MedMatch helps you focus on the critical factors to increase practice revenue.

Make, receive, and track medical referrals. Manage practice calendars for one or more locations or multiple physicians.

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Here’s what our users have to say about MedMatch

Dr. Mauricio Melhado Cardiologist
For a new practice, this platform offers instant visibility in the community
Dr. Olayemi Osiyemi Infectious Disease Specialist
This is a great tool for Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)
Dr. David Soria Emergency Medicine
Hospitals can benefit significantly by integrating MedMatch into their electronic medical record (EMR) system to better manage and track referrals