MedMatch Network Charter Member Program


The Exclusive 1-Year Offer to Enhance Your Referrals for Free

Are you ready to take action and make your practice the best that it can be? For a limited time only, MedMatch Network is offering physicians the opportunity to join its Charter Member Program. Charter Members are invited to enjoy a one-year free subscription to MedMatch Network, with full access to its management platform. This provides the opportunity to dive into all that MedMatch Network has to offer and test drive its life-changing benefits.
Be a part of the healthcare network that is making the medical referral process easy, efficient, and cost-effective. Apply today.

How to Qualify as a MedMatch Network Charter Member

In order to maintain good standing in the program, all Charter Members must:
  • Have an active medical license with the Board of Medicine
  • Keep their confidential MedMatch Network profile up-to-date, including schedule and availability
  • Invite at least two Qualified Invitees* to MedMatch Network per month
  • Maintain their subscription for one year
  • Maintain a platform rating of 3.0 or higher on MedMatch Network
  • Make a minimum of four completed patient referrals per month over the course of 12 months, for a total of 48 referrals
  • Publish at least one positive social media post about MedMatch Network per month on two of the following platforms:
  • A qualified Invitee is any physician in good professional standing that completes MedMatch Network registration.

This is the future of healthcare

Say goodbye to the days of endlessly scanning, uploading, and playing phone tag––all in the name of manually tracking patient referrals.

MedMatch Network has created the first fully electronic medical referral software, so you can ditch your inefficient EHR eFax system.

How MedMatch Network Works

… in six easy steps.

The patient visits their primary care physician for an evaluation

The PCP makes a referral to a specialist using MedMatch


MedMatch verifies that the specialist accepts the patient’s insurance and schedules the appointment


The PCP uploads patient records via our HIPAA compliant platform


MedMatch sends appointment reminders to the patient


The specialist sees the patient and sends their consultation notes to the PCP

MedMatch Network vs. eFax

With MedMatch Network, you can rest easy knowing that the software allows you to:


EHR eFax

Make referrals


Makes electronic referrals


Pre-qualifies in-network patient insurance


Track any referrals


Platform for patient-centric communications


Improves patient data exchange via EHR interoperability and secure FHIR-API exchange


Secure & Compliant with Cures Act


Whether you are a solo practicing PCP or a member of a private medical group or accountable care organization (ACO), this is a great tool for co-managing your patients, and it is FREE for PCPs!

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Dr. Olayemi Osiyemi

Primary Care Physican

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MedMatch Network?

MedMatch Network is the first fully electronic medical referral software, so you can ditch your inefficient EHR eFax system.
In one convenient location, users can make and track referrals, find doctors for their patients, and ensure a seamless continuum of care.
MedMatch Network saves you time and money so that you can do what you do best: help patients live healthier lives.

How does MedMatch Network work?

In a word, it’s easy. Sign up for MedMatch Network, register your practice, and start making, tracking, and managing enhanced referrals––today.
MedMatch Network pre-qualifies patient insurance, automatically schedules appointments, and sends patients reminders. No more playing phone tag with other offices. No more digging through backlogs of records to find additional information.
In other words, no more patients getting lost in the shuffle.

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