MedMatch Network

Streamline Your End- To-End Patient

Referral Process

Make seamless patient referrals without any
of the headaches:

  • Send referrals in just a few clicks.
  • Co-manage patient care seamlessly with specialists.
  • Receive timely consultation reports
  • Gain actionable insights regarding referral patterns.
  • Close the referral loop every single time.

MedMatch Network vs. EHR Fax Referral

Easily manage your medical referral process with MedMatch Network.


EHR eFax

Make referrals

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Make electronic referrals

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Pre-qualify in-network patient insurance

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Track any referrals

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Make patient-centric communications

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Perform patient data exchange via EHR interoperability

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Be secure & compliant with Cures Act

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MedMatch Network Benefits


Office Management Optimization

AKA reduce your staff’s workload. Work smarter, not harder.

Direct Referral2_

Increased Referral Success

Outbound referrals: more success = more patients helped.


Zero Referral Leakage

Inbound referrals: never worry again about patients slipping through the cracks.


Referral Management Automation

Create an upstream solution through automation.


Secure Patient Record Access & Exchange

Integrate your EHR or use MedMatch API to share patient information.


A Network of Providers

Network with physicians and build a community of healthcare professionals to co-manage patients.

Get started with MedMatch Network today

If you’re ready to.Save time.Save money.Help more patients.

Dr. Mauricio Melhado Cardiologist
For a new practice, this platform offers instant visibility in the community
Dr. Olayemi Osiyemi Infectious Disease Specialist
This is a great tool for Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)
Dr. David Soria Emergency Medicine
Hospitals can benefit significantly by integrating MedMatch into their electronic medical record (EMR) system to better manage and track referrals

How MedMatch Network Works

… in six easy steps.

The patient visits their primary care physician for an evaluation

The PCP makes a referral to a specialist using MedMatch

MedMatch verifies that the specialist accepts the patient’s insurance and schedules the appointment

The PCP uploads patient records via our HIPAA compliant platform

MedMatch sends appointment reminders to the patient

The specialist sees the patient and sends their consultation notes to the PCP


MedMatch Network is a labor of love, born out of the desire to make sure that every patient receives the care they deserve by setting doctors’ offices up for success.
You can trust MedMatch Network, knowing that every part of the process has been carefully curated by one of your own. 

Amos Dare
Amos Dare MD, FACS

Founder, MedMatch Network