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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Dan books in to see his Primary Care Physician, Dr. Dorian, after suffering from knee pain for several weeks and showing no signs of improvement. Dr. Dorian evaluates Dan and recommends a referral to a Specialist. Dr. Dorina’s office has two options:
    Option#1:Direct referral
    Option#2 ePrescribe
  • Dr. Dorian’s Front Office Manager Jen logs onto MedMatch Network, locates an orthopedic surgeon with positive reviews who accepts Dan’s insurance, and makes the referral for the next slot available.
  • MedMatch Network pre-qualifies Dan’s insurance and schedules the consultation automatically.
  • Jen uploads Dan’s patient records to the MedMatch Network portal.
  • MedMatch Network sends Dan reminders of the upcoming appointment through text.
  • Dr.Dorian’s front Office Manager Sends a Link to Dan Which he opens on the MedMatch Network patient app.
  • Dan picks from a list of prequalified providers, schedule, and confirm his own appointment.
  • Dr. Quinn sends their consultation notes to Dr. Dorian via the MedMatch Network portal, so neither of them misses a beat in Dan’s continuum of care.

**To learn more about ePrescribe on the MeMatch Network platform, please book a demo at the link above

If Dr. Quinn’s team relied on EHR eFax, the likelihood of Dan’s referral getting lost in the shuffle was 50%. Thanks to MedMatch Network, Dan was able to get the care needed to manage lingering pain before it became more serious.

Today. Getting started is easy. With no software to install with MedMatch Network’s cloud-based platform, simply click here and register your practice to start making, receiving, and managing enhanced referrals.

It takes four full-time employees to manage one medical referral with the current system of EHR eFax and endless back-and-forth to schedule appointments. In addition it can take up to 2 weeks on average to schedule and confirm a patient’s appointment  This drains resources from overworked medical offices, who are already grappling with a referral leakage cost of nearly a million dollars per doctor each year.

With MedMatch Network, only one employee is needed to manage medical referrals. Your referral management system is kept in one convenient location, making it easy for office staff to make and confirm referrals, as well as upload patient records, and for physicians to communicate across the continuum of care.

More time saved = more money back in your pockets. It’s what we call a win-win scenario.

MedMatch Network makes it easy for patients to meet with doctors by automatically matching those who accept their insurance at the earliest appointment available and by sending text reminders leading up to the appointment.

No more waiting months on end for an appointment, only to find out the doctor no longer accepts their insurance. No more fax referrals getting lost in the shuffle of a busy office and never getting scheduled. No more endless waiting, often in pain, with no end in sight.

With MedMatch Network, patients get the help they need and deserve in a timely manner.

MedMatch Network is a cloud-based network of more than 1.7 million searchable medical provider profiles, facilitating patient referral management and secure information exchange.

With EHR eFax, users can simply send faxes and referrals with an Internet connection.

  • Generate electronic patient referral to Specialists and Ancillary Services
  • Pre-qualify in/out of network patient insurance
  • Track status updates on referrals

  • Auto-remind patients about appointments through text and email
  • Review peer assessments and professional scores of GPs, PCPs, and Specialists
  • Establish and maintain a network of trusted providers
  • Exchange or transfer patient medical records securely
  • Connect multiple office calendars to schedule patients
  • Backup files to the cloud
  • Integrate with existing electronic health records (EHR)

With EHR eFax, up to 50% of Primary Care Physicians do not know if their patients have even seen the Specialist that they were referred to. For an industry made up of people who want to save lives, too many patients are falling through the cracks.
MedMatch Network’s unique cloud-based technology solves this problem.

After a Free PREMIUM Trial period, you will have the option to stay on the PREMIUM plan or default to the NETWORK plan.
PREMIUM membership has a subscription fee of $69/month (billed annually) or $99/month (billed monthly).
NETWORK membership has no subscription fee.
There is no fee for making referrals. There is a $0.95 transactional fee for appointments scheduled after the trial period.

Yes, MedMatch Network is 100% HIPAA-compliant.

MedMatch Network follows the Health and Human Rights (HHS) office of Civil Rights (OCR) recommendations for staying HIPAA-compliant by performing the following annual audits:

  • Security Risk Assessment
  • Privacy Standards Audit
  • HITECH Subtitle D Privacy Audit
  • Security Standards Audit
  • Asset & Device Audit
  • Physical Site Audit

Any gaps or deficiencies are documented with appropriate remediation steps. MedMatch Network has policies and procedures in place for annual HIPAA privacy, security, and breach notification rules. As a member of MedMatch Network, you agree to our terms and conditions of use which extends, but is not limited to, the terms of a business associate agreement.

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