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Improving Medical Referrals for Primary Care Physicians & Their Patients

MedMatch Network is a cloud-based medical referral management platform created for healthcare professionals to focus on what matters—improving patient satisfaction while efficiently managing the continuum of care.


Today’s medical referral system is inefficient and frustrating for both doctors and their patients.

Industry data shows that up to 50% of referrals may never get scheduled.

Many physicians do not know if the patient made the specialist  appointment

MedMatch Network mission is to improve patient referral management using he latest cloud-based technology

  • Make and receive referrals online
  • Track any referrals
  • Reduce referral leakage
  • Get access to all your consultation reports in one place
  • Establish ongoing patient-centric communication with all providers
  • Network online

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Our Innovative Features

Welcome to your enhanced medical referral management solution.

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How MedMatch Network Works

… in six easy steps.

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    The patient visits their primary care physician for a pre-diagnosis
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    The PCP makes a referral to a specialist using MedMatch
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    MedMatch verifies that the specialist accepts the patient's insurance and schedules the appointment
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    The PCP uploads patient records via our HIPAA compliant platform
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    MedMatch sends appointment reminders to the patient
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    The specialist sees the patient and sends their consultation notes to the PCP

MedMatch was designed to keep you informed every step of the way by sending follow-up messages


MedMatch Network is a Community

More than a referral management tool, MedMatch is a network of medical professionals willing to offer their services based on the highest standards of patient care.

MedMatch’s efficient and reliable referral system allows you and your patient to rate the consultation experience. This essential feedback improves practice performance and eliminates patient frustration in the referral and treatment process.

MedMatch Network Charter Member Program

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Testimonials & Reviews — Here’s what MedMatch Network users have to say

Dr. Mauricio Melhado Cardiologist
For a new practice, this platform offers instant visibility in the community
Dr. Olayemi Osiyemi Infectious Disease Specialist
This is a great tool for Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)
Dr. David Soria Emergency Medicine
Hospitals can benefit significantly by integrating MedMatch into their electronic medical record (EMR) system to better manage and track referrals

Time Optimization

Manage inbound & outbound medical referrals online

  • User-friendly platform
  • Quickly access your network of prequalified providers
  • Workboard: Consolidate medical referral status into actionable insights via the MedMatch dashboard
  • Optimize use of office resources; Free up staff to take care of patients
  • Prequalify referrals: Avoid delays and surprise medical expenses

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