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Medical Referral Management Has Never Been Easier

MedMatch is a cloud-based medical referral network created for health professionals to facilitate the secure and effective exchange of patient information.

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Up to 70% of specialists report that the quality of their inbound patient referrals is of poor quality. The referral may simply be inappropriate or premature. More often, the referral is accompanied by a  dearth of information making it difficult to evaluate the patient and offer prompt opinions and recommendations. 

Many physician offices now use electronic health records (EHR) with limited referral capabilities. Most referrals are made by fax machine or eFax. Industry data show that up to 50% of referrals made by fax may never be scheduled. Furthermore, there is not yet a universal electronic patient data exchange to ensure the all relevant records accompany the referral. 

Specialists typically require insurance preauthorization before seeing the patient. Without preapproval for a visit, the patient’s insurance company may not compensate the specialist. In some cases, patients arrive in the specialist’s office with authorization for the visit still pending.

To overcome these problems, we created the MedMatch Network. MedMatch dramatically modernizes the referral system with software-as-a-service technology that seamlessly connects PCPs with specialists. The MedMatch referral system creates an electronic record referral and bypasses the increased workload of fax/eFax referrals.

The tracking and notification features of MedMatch ensure that patients are seen promptly by the right doctor as soon as possible. And, MedMatch helps to coordinate the pre-authorization process. MedMatch improves referral quality by facilitating the patient information exchange between EHR. The result is improved efficiency, reduced costs, better information for the PCP and specialist, and improved patient experience.

MedMatch Network is the cost-effective way to improve the quality of your referrals and stay responsive to the PCP and the patient. Enroll in the Charter Member Program for a one-year FREE subscription.

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MedMatch Network — Your Solution for Enhancing Medical Referrals

MedMatch Benefits

  • Receive quality referrals
  • Reduce cost by over 68.5K per provider
  • Build a network of qualified professionals
  • Automate the referral process
  • Improve office efficiency
  • Be more informed with analytics
  • No set up fees

Our Innovative Features

Welcome to your enhanced medical referral management solution.

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How MedMatch Network Works

… in six easy steps.

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    The patient visits their primary care physician for a pre-diagnosis
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    The PCP makes a referral to a specialist using MedMatch
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    MedMatch verifies that the specialist accepts the patient's insurance and schedules the appointment
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    The PCP uploads patient records via our HIPAA compliant platform
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    MedMatch sends appointment reminders to the patient
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    The specialist sees the patient and sends their consultation notes to the PCP

MedMatch was designed to keep you informed every step of the way by sending follow-up messages


More than a management
referral tool

MedMatch Network is the enhanced referral management partner for your practice.

It’s an efficient and reliable patient referral management solution. It even allows you and your patient to rate the consultation experience. This essential feedback improves practice performance and eliminates patient frustration in the referral and treatment process.

And, MedMatch Network is a community of highly qualified medical professionals available to you anytime, anywhere.

MedMatch Network Charter Member Program

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MedMatch Optimizes Your Time & Resources

MedMatch uses artificial intelligence to ensure referral efficiency, organized referral management, improved patient care, and a better overall experience.

Physicians and their assigned MedMatch administrators have access to actionable data insight right from the MedMatch dashboard. MedMatch helps you focus on the critical factors to increase practice revenue.

Make, receive, and track medical referrals. Manage practice calendars for one or more locations or multiple physicians. 

Start Building Your High-Quality Referral Network

Specialist Office

Communicate important patient information securely through MedMatch. Your specialty office will benefit from a more extensive medical referral network.

  • Make and receive referrals
  • Track any referral
  • Connect with peers
  • Patient SMS notifications & reminders
  • Dashboard notifications
  • EMR integration
  • Advanced analytics

Concierge appointment fees are $0.95 per appointment scheduled

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Testimonials & Reviews — Here’s what MedMatch Network users have to say

Dr. Mauricio Melhado Cardiologist
The MedMatch platform offers excellent networking opportunities in the community, and it is a great way to manage patient referrals. I highly recommend it for new and established practitioners.
Dr. Olayemi Osiyemi Infectious Disease Specialist
This is a great tool for Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)
Dr. David Soria Emergency Medicine
Hospitals can benefit significantly by integrating MedMatch into their electronic medical record (EMR) system to better manage and track referrals