MedMatch platform allows users to communicate with their trusted network members online and keep them engaged. In these COVID-19 times, it has become increasingly difficult to hold the traditional, medical office open house events, social and professional gatherings to network and even to travel to large professional conferences. Adopting a platform that promotes online presence and communication has become more important than ever.






Growing Your Network on MedMatch


Build a network of trusted service providers

The MedMatch Network provides an opportunity to establish a network of trusted providers. Creating a network of trusted, prequalified physicians facilitates future referral and co-management of patients. The MedMatch platform boast over 1.7 million providers. MedMatch provider profile includes insurances accepted, office locations, affiliated hospital or provider networks and office hours. Additional profile information requiring special services provided can be found in the provider member profile. Building your network of trusted physicians can be achieved on the platform in many ways.



Database Search

The Boolean search function can be used to find a provider based on specialty, services provided, insurances accepted, and location.

MedMatch Online Networking
MedMatch Online Networking
MedMatch Online Networking

MedMatch New Member Notifications

The center panel alerts you of new MedMatch members in your geographic.area. New members can be invited and added to your network after previewing their profile.


Search and add members to your network

in the my network section, you can search and add members to your network.

MedMatch Online Networking
MedMatch Online Networking
MedMatch Online Networking

Invite your colleagues to join the network

If a provider is not on the MedMathch platform you can invite the provider to join their network.



Email Blast !
Keep your network informed

Keep the members in your network engaged

MedMatch “Message Network” features
allows you to send email messages to select
members to inform them of:

  • Upcoming event / invitations
  • Announcements
  • Newsletters
  • Marketing material


MedMatch Online Networking
MedMatch Online Networking

MedMatch OpenHouse

To be released in 2q22 will provide a promotional platform for medical providers to host an “online open house” event during which they can showcase their practice, certain services they provide or host a webinar on topic of interest in their community.


All about the patient

MedMatch platform promotes communication among providers sing the end-to-end messaging system.

This feature keeps the conversation focused on the patient. PCPs refer patients to the specialist to garner opinion that they can use to craft a management plan for the patient. With a busy office day, there may not be time to connect on the by phone. The messaging system can be used to communicate information necessary to ensure the quality and success of the referral. Additional information can be requested through this channel of communication. The specialist can update the PCP of their initial opinion prior to the final consultation report being available. Critical tests results can be requiring prompt attention can be communicated through this channel.



MedMatch Online Networking

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