Our Vision

MedMatch envisions a world in which medical practitioners and patients communicate and exchange health information easily and securely to improve the delivery of healthcare.

We intend to make this vision a reality

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Our Mission

For primary care physicians and their patients, the process of referring patients to specialists can be time-consuming, frustrating, and even scary. In addition, specialists complain about the poor quality of referrals from the primary care physician.

Several roadblocks exist to creating a universal patient referral platform. MedMatch is innovating referral management through cloud-based networking—a more efficient and cost-effective solution.

MedMatch networking

What is MedMatch ?

MedMatch is the fastest growing network of highly qualified medical professionals, each with aligned interest to enhance patient care and satisfaction, while improving office efficiency. The MedMatch solution easily translates into improved practice performance and revenue capture.

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Closing the loop
on the Referral Process


of Primary Care doctors do not know if their patients 
have seen the specialist they were referred to…

Why MedMatch ?

MedMatch is not only an office referral management tool, but also a community of doctors with aligned interest to improve patient care. MedMatch is innovating patient referral management through cloud-based networking – a more efficient and cost-effective way for doctors to improve patient care and practice performance.

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MedMatch Mission
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55-65% of revenue is lost due to leakage which makes a hospital lose between $821K to $971K
on average per physician per year…

Revenue loss 55-65%

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