MedMatch Network


MedMatch is a Network of doctors

MedMatch is not only an indispensable patient referral management platform, but it is also a NETWORK of doctors with aligned interest to improve patient care.

MedMatch is cloud-based and uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize patient referral. The automated referral system creates office efficiency and increases revenue capture.


The platform allows portability of healthcare data between doctors and healthcare providers.


MedMatch assists the doctor and patient to choose the specialist instead of burdening the patient alone.


The doctor controls their schedule with virtual schedule integration to EMR/EHR.


Migrate to a cloud-based, automated referral system and away from phone, emails, and fax referrals


MedMatch uses the latest technology to ensure security and HIPAA compliance


Access to over 4 million healthcare providers


Improve online visibility through connections with other well qualified doctors


MedMatch offers transparent pricing.


Any Doctor in good professional standing can join the MedMatch platform and become a member of the fastest growing network of highly qualified healthcare providers in their local geographic area and beyond.

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Join The Platform

  • To ensure the highest level of privacy and security and confidential information on the site, MedMatch requires you to designate a “MedMatch Administrator (MMA)”.
  • Doctors are assigned individual Dashboards on the practice account. Each Doctor’s profile information is securely stored on their Dashboard.
  • Clerks and physician extenders such as Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners can be invited to join the practice account. With the appropriate authorization, practice members have access to the Doctor’s Dashboard and can manage referrals on behalf of the Doctor.
  • MedMatch Administrator has special privileges including being the only one that has access to confidential professional information, billing information and also the one that grants admission to other practice members joining the practice’s MedMatch account. confidential professional and billing information. The MMA is also the one that grants admission to other members joining the practice account.
  • Only the Doctor and the MMA have access to this information. The MMA can invite other Doctors in the practice to sign up or the MMA can simply create a profile for the Doctor and ask the Doctor to confirm and sign on by email.

How it Works

Register your practice, and start making, receiving, and managing your referrals.
The tracking feature informs on your referral status and updates everyone involved through email and SMS confirmations and reminders.
Match a patient with a specialist among your existing contacts or look for new ones. Not sure if the doctor takes the patient's insurance? MedMatch will prequalify the doctor for your patient.
Analytic referral reports and overview provides actionable insight and business advantage.
The concierge appointment scheduling system makes getting an appointment with you and your peers fast and convenient. No more waiting on the phone or for fax confirmations.
The MedMatch database boasts over 4 million healthcare-provider information, including non-member information.You can grow your network on the MedMatch platform.
Securely share valuable information by attaching your patient's records. Download consultation reports when your patient is seen.
Invite your colleagues to join the MedMatch Network or add existing and new members in your geographic area to your connections.

HIPAA Compliance
Download Consultation Notes


"The MedMatch platform is secure and HIPAA compliant, protecting you and your patient's information."


MedMatch Key Features

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  • Secure & HIPAA compliant
  • Make or receive a direct referral to or from a colleague
  • Search and match a patient to a new specialist that accepts their insurance and is readily available
  • Control when you want your patient seen – immediately or in a few days or weeks
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  • Easily track referrals made or received and correct any deficiencies
  • EMR capability allows EMR portability and access to consultation reports
  • Meaningful integration with major EMRs
  • Patient SMS notifications, reminders, confirmations keep the patient in the loop.

Efficient referral management through cloud-based networking solutions

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  • MedMatch’s Cloud-based referral network reduces referral leakage and saves time compared to (phone, fax or email)
  • Insurance pre-qualification avoids delays in referral and improves patient care, satisfaction and ratings
  • Dashboard push notifications promotes efficiency and frees up the office staff for other duties
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  • Customizable analytic reports to make referral management and business decisions
  • Use the “Grow your network” tool to connect with highly qualified healthcare providers around you
  • Affordable 3 tier plans with a “pay as you go” concierge scheduling fee

My professional rating 4.9

The MedMatch Solution

MedMatch is innovating medical referral management with cloud-based networking – a more efficient and cost-effective way for doctors to improve patient care and practice performance.

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